September 7, 2019
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D10 Series Expert –Fiber Optics Sensors.
  • Easy-to-set automatic Expert-style TEACH options* including static, dynamic, and single-point programming plus manual adjustment for fine-tuning
  • 16-bit microcontroller and 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter for high-performance, low-contrast sensing
  • Easy-to-read 4-digit display for TEACH and signal strength readout, plus indicators for a continuous readout of operating status (user configurable)
  • Two discrete outputs, PNP or NPN
  • Four-mode power and speed selection with automatic cross-talk avoidance circuitry
  • Selectable OFF-delay options
  • Gate input wire can be used to selectively inhibit sensor outputs from switching
  • Models available with visible red (680 nm) or visible green (525 nm) sensing beam
  • 10 - 30 vdc operated
  • Sleek, ultra-slim 10 mm housing, mounts to a standard 35 mm DIN rail
Non Contact type Temperature Sensors: M18 Series.
  • Wide temperature sensing range from 0° to 300° C.
  • 18 mm threaded-barrel sensor
  • 10 to 30V dc; choose SPDT (complementary) NPN or PNP outputs (150 mA max. ea.)
  • Easy to use; no adjustments are necessary
  • Advanced self-diagnostics with separate alarm output†; dual LED system indicates sensor performance
  • Choice of integral cable or Euro-style quick disconnect connector
  • Epoxy-encapsulated circuitry; IEC IP67 (NEMA 6P) construction for harsh sensing environments
Photo Sensors
  • Mode Options : Opposed ,Retro reflective ,Diffuse & Fixed-Field
  • 10 to 30V dc; choose SPDT (complementary) NPN or PNP outputs (150 mA max. ea.)
  • Easy to use; no adjustments are necessary
  • Advanced self-diagnostics with separate alarm output†; dual LED system indicates
    sensor performance
  • Choice of integral cable or Euro-style quick disconnect connector
  • Epoxy-encapsulated circuitry; IEC IP67 (NEMA 6P) construction for harsh sensing
Pico Dot Convergent Laser Sensor

Excellent for applications where high sensing power and small beam size are important. Operates over sensing ranges typically accomplished only by conventional opposed-mode photoelectrics; uses a special filter to polarize the emitted light, filtering out unwanted reflections from shiny objects. Sensing range up to 10.6 m (35ft) in retro reflective mode.

  • Compact and lightweight; ideal for use on robotic end effectors
  • Class 2 laser diode light source.
  • Convergent beam models have precise, high-energy sensing spot at focus, available
    in four focal lengths: 50 mm (2"), 100 mm (4"), 200 mm (8"), and 300 mm (12").
  • Retroreflective models have precise, narrow beam; excellent for sensing the presence
    of tiny parts at close range, small parts at medium ranges and for accurate sensing
    over long distances.
  • Fast, 0.2 millisecond sensing response for high-speed sensing or counting.
  • 10 to 30V dc operation; choice of NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) complementary
    solid state output.
  • Choose models with 2 m (6.5') or 9 m (30') unterminated cable, or with 150 mm (6")
    Euro-style pigtail quick-disconnect (QD) connector
Magnetic Sensors for Vehicle detection

The self-contained M-GAGE sensor eliminates the need for loop controllers, which consume precious control panel/ box space. M-GAGE Sensor housing options (Flat-Pak or 18 mm Barrel) provide installation flexibility and cost savings, compared with inductive loop systems.

  • Capable of detecting vehicles that have stopped within the sensor’s sensing field
  • Flat-Pak sensor fits into a single 3/8" saw cut
  • 3-axis magneto resistive-based technology; senses 3-dimensional changes to the Earth’s magnetic
    field caused by the presence of ferrous objects
  • Easy sensor installation (see page 5); above- or below-ground mounting options
  • Compact, robust one-piece, self-contained sensor package replaces inductive-loop sensing technology; no external controller needed
  • Designed to minimize the effects of temperature swings and destabilizing magnetic fields
  • Sensor learns ambient background and stores settings.
Laser Sensors :
  • Self-contained Class 2 modulated visible laser gauging sensor needs no separate controller
  • Narrow effective beam is excellent for precision gauging applications for distance, height, or thickness measurement
  • Resolution to better than 25 microns
  • Sensing window may be sized as needed, and placed anywhere within the 75.0 to 125.0 millimeter (2.95" to 4.92") sensing distance; 5 mm (0.2") minimum window size
  • Unique scalable analog output (patent pending) automatically distributes the output signal over the width of the programmed sensing window
  • Analog and discrete (switched) outputs
  • Window limits for analog and discrete outputs may be set independently
  • Analog output slope is either positive or negative, depending upon which window limit is programmed first
  • Fast, easy-to-use integrated push-button TEACH-mode programming; no potentiometer adjustments
  • Remote TEACH function for security and convenience
  • Unique feature holds analog output value for 2 seconds upon loss of signal
  • Modulated laser beam and narrow optical band-pass filter provide a high level of ambient light immunity, including immunity from high-energy factory lighting
  • Alarm output for signal saturation
  • Output response is programmable for three speeds
  • 12 to 30V dc operation
  • Enclosure rated IEC IP67; NEMA 6
Vision Sensors :

Fast, advanced camera-based visual inspections for thousands of applications in every industry including automotive, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, packaging, electronics, metalworking and much more. Versatile visual inspection tools can be combined to provide 100% quality assurance on your lines.

  • Inspection speeds up to 10,000 parts per minute.
  • Full 360° fi xture-free inspection.
  • Locate inspection detail regardless of orientation.
  • Solve most applications in your plant.
  • Full suite of grayscale and binary vision tools.
  • New Color Match tool inspects for the specific colors taught
  • Includes all the gray scale vision tools from the PresencePro II: Locate, Geometric Find/Count, Pattern Find/Count, Edge, Object, Blob, Average Grayscale, plus the new math tool
  • Direct connectivity to Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP industrial standard network protocols
  • PresencePLUS Active-X utilities for sending color images and data and inspections over the Ethernet
  • Features a 752 x 480 CMOS imager
  • Performs inspections up to 900 parts per minute (PPM)
  • PresencePLUS wizard-like software, a single PC program configures all Banner vision sensors and features Quick TEACH for rapid sensor set-up
  • Remote Teach re-configures without a PC
  • Communications Tools send data over the Ethernet or RS232 Serial outputs
  • Standard PresencePLUS Pro II COLOR I/O – 10/100 Ethernet, RS 232 Serial, 6 discrete NPN or PNP outputs with configurable timing
  • Compact Camera
  • Fourteen I/O in separate DIN-rail-mountable controller
  • Low-cost, full-featured vision sensing
  • Robust IP68 camera models
Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Ultrasonic proximity detection up to 60 meter (200 feet)
  • Push-button TEACH-mode programming of sensing window limits
  • Digital filtering for exceptional immunity to electrical and acoustic “noise”
  • Selectable 0 to 10V dc voltage sourcing or 4 to 20 mA current sourcing analog outputs
  • Selectable output slope: positive or negative with increasing target distance
  • Wide operating temperature range of -25° to +70°C; all models include temperature compensation
  • Rugged design for use in demanding sensing environments; rated IEC IP67,
    NEMA 6P
  • Choose models with integral 2 m (6.5') or 9 m (30') cable, or with Mini-style or Euro-style quick-disconnect fitting
  • Input for remote TEACH-mode programming of window limits
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