September 7, 2019
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Helium Leak Test System HES-2000 Series
  • Compatible for use with a variety of works and specifications
  • High-precision and high-speed measurement using a work-shaped chamber
  • Helium gas recovery and intensifier system
  • Number of chambers: Two channels (maxium)
  • Diluted helium gas can also be used.
Helium Leak Test System HES-1000 Series
  • Specifications are quickly decided using the selection procedure of the standard specification.
  • Supports the chamber length up to 1200 mm.
    Provides several options.
  • Workability improvement with slide table to take the work in and out of the chamber.
  • Touch Panel provides easy operation, and also displays operation status confirmation.
  • It is also possible to measure by hydrogen gas. (5%
  • H2/ 95% N2)
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